We had a stable network running Windows XP 4.91 SP5 and a single NW 6.0
server. We are attempting to migrate to a new 6.5 Server so we added it
to the existing tree. So now we have 2 servers running in our tree of
dissimilar operating systems.

However, now we get sporadic login failure messages regarding NMAS.
Sometimes it works fine but when it doesn;t we have to login workstation
only and then login again with the Novell Client. I tried disabling or
unistalling NMAS from the client side but that has not solved the
problem all the way-logging in works about half the time. sometimes,
the client hangs at the login screen and then logs in only after moving
the mouse/keyboard.

while I am thinking there is probably something misconfigured on the new
6.5 box regarding NMAS, the odd thing is that I don;t think we are even
using NMAS to log into our server.

anyone have an idea of what I could do?