So I've seen...
ZCM group changes are not recognized immediately

I'm not using LDAP currently though for bundle assignment, I'm using the internal Zenworks User Groups to associate app bundles to users that exist in my AD tree I'm using for authentication. I have a Zenworks User Group assigned to an app, I assign a user and the user is correctly displayed inside the Zenworks Users Group members list. I go over to the associated app bundle and it's not showing this newly added user when I refresh the bundle status, just the previous users I added last week.

I guess a work-around is to associate app bundles directly with user objects but honestly that is a royal pain, having to define the assignment details for every single user per-bundle isn't my idea of fun.

Could this be related to the above linked LDAP caching issue? Is it not just LDAP related memberships but ALL memberships both internal and external to the server's DB?

I'm going to let it sit for up to 4 hours and see what happens.