Greetings from the Chesapeake Bay --

Novell 5.1 SP6, Border 3.7 Sp2 and Field Patch 3d, Craig Johnsons
cfg, patched per Craig's tips except for the server patch

Settings for Transparent Proxy and Http Proxy are both defined, but
problem occurs with each of these when only one of them is defined.

When bm comes up with both proxy and ipflt running, 504 errors --
to find web server are reported.

If proxy is disabled bm works. If ipflt is disbled bm works. This is
school system and I really need both of these to work together.

We're about to make the big call to Novell and hope someone out there

has some suggestions before we spend the money.


Nancy B. Royall
Director of Tech
Richmond County Public Schools
Warsaw, VA 22572