Just installed ZCM 10.3, on SLES 10.3. We have used ZfD7 for years to manage Windows XP PCs but now hope to gain management functions on Windows 7 PCs and OS X Macs.

I installed agent on 2 Windows 7 PCs and 2 Macs to test. ZCM server sees the devices, but no inventory is shown in the ZCM Control Center. If I check the agent properties on a Windows 7 PC, it shows inventory details saved locally and even seems to indicate a last upload timestamp. Curiously, the Logging window on the Agent Properties shows the Collection Server Address as "Unknown", which certainly does not seem right. Where can I configure the Collection Server address in the Windows 7 agent? How can I tell if my Mac Inventory agent has the same problem, and if so, how do I correct it? Where can I find any settings or logs on the Mac?

In my Windows Adaptive Agent log, I see the message repeated
"[Debug] [1368] [ZenworkWindowsService] [nn] [] [ZenCommon] [] [Failed to find sid in local accounts. Looking in AD accounts] [] []"
where nn varies among 53, 8, 14, 49, 35, 64, 65
What does this mean? Where can I find these messages, or what log will tell me what is the problem?

Thanks in advance for any and all suggestions.