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Thread: Move/migrate ZFD to a new server

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    Move/migrate ZFD to a new server

    Using ZFD with the Sybase SQL Anywhere database. AWI, Inventory are the only processes (other than Sybase of course) that we need running.

    The rest is "pure" eDir I believe (NAL, Remote Control)

    The issue is that I need to move/migrate the ZFD 7 stuff from NetWare to OES2 SP2 Linux, but I cannot use the Identity transfer option

    I THINK I can basically install the ZFD code onto the OES2 server, mount or copy the data on the NSS volume on NetWare to the data on OES2 server, and then edit the eDir objects to use the correct paths/IP?

    Or am I wrong in thinking that.

    ZCM is not an option at this point yet (due to a few bugs and some other logistical issues).

    Oh, I don't care too much if I have to redo the Sybase databases from scratch. And I will also change the DNS for ZENWSIMPORT appropriately.
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