Ok firstly a confession, I'm dumb, now thats out the way here's my problem.

Just applied the 10.3 update (from 10.2.1) and so far everything seems to have gone well.

All the patching settings are reset during the upgrade (which i tested on our test box) so I went in to configuration>Subscription Service Information (and this is where I went temporarily mental) Instead of choosing one of the 2 kick arse Primaries we have (8x3gb cores with 32gb of ram etc..) I chose the crappy little primary we only ever use as a reporting server, which will probably get decommisioned at the end of the year.

I knew as soon as i'd done it, i'd been a muppet, but now of course its grey'd out. If I try to use the magic "Reset ZENworks Patch Management Settings" the web interface times out with the following error:


javax.servlet.ServletException: JDBC commit failed
com.patchlink.sapphire.web.pages.vulnerability.ses sion.HibernateSessionFilter.doFilter(HibernateSess ionFilter.java:95)

root cause

org.hibernate.TransactionException: JDBC commit failed
org.hibernate.transaction.JDBCTransaction.commit(J DBCTransaction.java:130)
com.patchlink.sapphire.web.pages.vulnerability.ses sion.HibernateSessionFilter.doFilter(HibernateSess ionFilter.java:81)

Is there anyway to select a different server, or am I stuck like this until ZCM 11 comes out.