This is very confusing so I will try to explain what is happening.

OS: Netware 6.5sp8
Nipp: various versions tried (5.40 included)
Workstation: XP SP3, Novell Client 4.91sp5

Deploying printers through workstation iprint policies works great. My bosses wanted to turn on Xerox Standard Accounting on our copiers and start using the accounting features. I created a print driver profile to turn on this option and it looks as if it is working. The user is prompted to put in their account code but the print job fails with an invalid account code page at the printer. I captured the packets from the print job and the account code that the user entered is not transmitted to the printer.

To make this more confusing, manually installing the printer from the http://server/ipp page works fine with the accounting.

After a TON of troubleshooting, I have discovered the following:

A printer deployed with an iPrint policy has local rights that are set for "Everyone" with "Print", "Manage Printers", and "Manage Documents" all checked. However, the Advanced Security settings do not show any accounts at all.

A printer deployed through the IPP web interface, has a completely different set of local rights including groups such as Administrators, PowerUsers, Everyone with corresponding advanced security settings.

Duplicating the security settings from the IPP to the printer deployed with the iPrint policy fixes the problem. In fact, simply adding the missing "Everyone" account to the advanced settings page seems to fix the problem too.

It is almost as if the iprint policy isn't completing when setting the security on the local object.

Hopefully I have made some sense of the issue. Anyone have any ideas on how to get the iprint policy to set the correct security settings on the local printer object?