I have ZCM 10.2.2 running on SLES 10 SP2
Computers are WinXP SP2 and SP3
Novell Client v4.91 SP5

I have created a Sophos Anti-Virus zcm windows bundle app that runs on
WinXP SP 2 and SP3, and I have set it to run NOW with 2 reboots in the
Install action tab

In the middle of the Install actions, I put in a ZCM Reboot action.
On restart and after the user logs into the network the zcm app runs
again as if the zcm app has not run before, it does not continue where
it left off.

If I login workstation only until the zcm app has done its reboots the
zcm app works fine.

Is ZCM not storing a setting somewhere on the computer to tell where it
left off?
Could someone help me with this please, as I have to go to these
workstations and login locally to have the zcm app install if a user
does not have a local account.

I have not been able to pin it down to one computer model or SP.

Thanks in advance.