All of a sudden we are getting multiple abends with eip in proxy.nlm happening. Users unable to access the web, although ping works. They
the http 500 error, we unload proxy and then reload proxy -cc and it
does not work. Must reboot server.

System is a sp3 install, BM is sp2a. HAs been working fine, clients
transparent proxy. Error is a 5.60.03 page fault exception, and we
see that 5.60-3651 server base license update failed as well as policy

manager telling us 5.00-024 licensing services are not available.
Bordermanager says;
access control license update failed
proxy license update failed c0001003

The internet went down on the weekend due to a local telco issue,
was resolved and all worked for a day until this happened. The proxy

cache is on the default sys volume (no way to change it now.

We are looking at implementing the NW6SP4 beta, which has an updated proxy.nlm in it. Also Craigs suggestions we found, such as
nw56up3.exe and tcp607k.exe. What we don't know is if we can put his

proxy.cfg file (which appears to be for BM3.7) on this BM3.6 server??
Assistance much appreciated, we are running a vrepair at the moment
waiting. Thanks, Greg