I have a shared address book that contains a group that I need to send to.
The below code creates the email in the mailbox as a read draft (Open mail icon with a pencil). When opened the draft is fully populated except for the To: address. The shared address book is the address book selected when clicking on the Address Book icon.

How do I get the email to select the group inside the shared address book?

Dim objGWSes, objGWCom, objGWLogin, objMailBox, objMessage, objNewMsg As Object
Dim strCorrespondence, strTemp As String

Set objGWSes = CreateObject("NovellGroupWareSession")
Set objGWCom = CreateObject("GroupwiseCommander")
Set objGWLogin = objGWSes.Login("", "", "", "")
Set objMailBox = objGWLogin.MailBox
Set objMessage = objMailBox.Messages
Set objNewMsg = objMessage.Add()

strCorrespondence = Worksheets.....

objNewMsg.Subject = Worksheets("SOC").Range(Trim("A11")).Value
objNewMsg.BodyText = strCorrespondence

objNewMsg.Recipients.Add "Group Name"