I upgraded from GW 7.0.2 to 8.0.1 HP1 back in February and since then I have been trying to fix various forms of this rule issue. Because of a couple of bugs in the GW 8 client we have not yet upgraded our staff to 8, which may fix these issues, but one bug is a deal breaker for upgrading which is why we haven't yet.

I have 2 different users with similar issues. They have nickname email accounts for special purpose email handling. Both users are experiencing the issue where a rule set as "New Mail Received where To = [special address] move item to [shared folder]" The rule is not moving messages to the correct folder, instead it is staying in the main inbox.

One of the users has several nicknames and as a part of her vacation rule the rule is set as "Mail To = [primary address] or To contains [First Name]" for the determination of the automatic reply, but the rule still replies to all messages, and it doesn't stop processing after the date specified in a date range.

I've completely deleted and rebuilt the rules several times, which I have tested successfully with both internal and external email accounts, but it seems that as soon as I give the "tested-ok" notification they start acting up. Should I GWCheck their mailboxes or is there anything else that I can try to do, I've been struggling with this for several months now.