I am trying to test the transparent proxy on BM 3.7. I have NW 6 SP3
and BM
3.7 with the FP3F patch installed. I can't seem to get the
proxy portion to work. I set a filter up to block all outgoing port
traffic from my public to private interface. When I do that, I can't
get to
the web. This is good. I set another filter to always allow port
traffic to get to the web. When I set my proxy settings up, then I
can get
to the web. This is good as well. I did this so that people could
bypass my BM server to get to the net.

Now, I don't want to have to re-config every W/S for the proxy. I'd
to use transparent proxy for this. In nwadmin, I chose transparent
and I set it to monitor ports 80, 443. The thinking was that if BM
things destined for port 80 the transparent proxy would grab it, and
send it
to port 8080. But, it looks like the filter catches this first and
the packet. This is looking at a set tcp ip debug =1. I also
unloaded and
re-loaded proxy to see if this would fix things.

So, here is my question. I would like to set up transparent proxy to
any port 80 traffic and send it through the proxy running at 8080.
Just for
grins I also set up transparent proxy to monitor 8080, but that didn't
as well. I also want transparent proxy to pick up 443 traffic and
send it
through the proxy as well. It looks like I have to add the
section in proxy.cfg. If so, I'll test that later. Lastly, I want
to have to authenticate to browse the web via the transparent proxy.

I did read some threads here, and the Novell docs, but didn't really
anything that addresses my issue.

All knowledge is welcomed.