I am having problems with local workstation imaging. It seems that GRUB keeps getting replaced or wiped out. After ZEN install, the computer boots to GRUB and I can select an option. After selecting the NTFS and booting to Windows (whick works fine), I then exit Windows and reboot. There is no more GRUB and the computer boots in a loop. Also my new menu.lst file on the Zen partition keeps getting replaced by an automatic process somewhere.

I am making progress though. I have created a Linux partition, an NTFS parititon along with the Zen partition. I have made an image of the Windows installation on the Zen Partition and can manually re-image the NTFS partition from the Linux partition.

My goal is to use Grub to optionally reimage the computer by selecting an boot option.

Any help would be sincerely appreciated.

Jerry Gunn
Metamora Twp High school