To all,

I have probably the slowest proxy server in history running here. It
is fairly old and is just miserably slow so I have been authorized to purchase a new server and I was wondering what the best type of server
for this is. I ONLY use this box as a proxy server as I have a Checkpoint
Firewall to do the firewalling and all the other border security
functions.I have the following questions:
This box was our first NetWare 5.0 server and hence it has our
certificate authority. How do I migrate this to a new box? (I know this is not
BorderManager related.)
What would be recommended hardware to run Bordermanager 3.8 on NetWare
6.5? Secondly, what would be needed if I wanted to cluster two boxes
for fault tolerance?
Do I really need to route this box for proxy only? We currently do
not route and I sense this is part of the slowness. Will it be faster with
or without routing?
Any pitfalls to running 6.5? I know older BorderManager versions did
not work with NSS volumes. Is this changed now?
Thanks and I appreciate your help. I installed 3.5 quite a while ago
and have not really messes with our current server since then so I am a
little out of the loop on BorderManager.