Using Windows 7 64 bit and the most current Client 2 SP1 IR1, it seems that four of our netware servers' volumes cannot be browsed via the ip unc path, for example \\\ can be browsed but you cannot view \\\sys because it throws an error indicating the path is not found. It cannot be accessed by any means. using \\servername\sys is no problem at all but this is no an acceptable workaround.

This only affects the 64 version. 32 bit win7 has no problem with this. Also this only affects four specific servers. Never before have I had an issue browsing in this manner with any 32 bit client that I have ever used.

There are no known configuration or nlm version differences between servers that can and cannot be accessed by the 64 bit version.

Anyone else seen this? This is a terribly buggy client.