This may affect older version of client 2 as well, but under windows 7 using Client 2 SP1 IR1, after a successful login, the context, server, tree settings should be saved by default and actually is not. This option is checked in the default profile. If I log in, then log off, the settings remain but only because of the specific user settings stored in the registry, the settings are not saved to the default profile as they should. IF i then log in and manually edit the default profile settings and save them, then log off, from that point on the settings are saved at each successful login.

The issue here is that if a user logs in, the next different user should default to the previously used context even if they have never logged in at that workstation before. This has been the default behavior on the XP client and should be here too. I can only get this working by manually saving the default profile at least one time and from then on it seems to work as it used to in xp, including saving a different context setting if a user changes it and successfully logs in to that new context instead.

What is apparently new is that specific user settings are saved in the registry but a new user on a given workstation should always get whatever the last user entered as their context. When this fails, the context is blank and they are prompted to select it, but our students usually have no idea what this means.

If this is by design, the "Save Settings After Successful Login" box should not be checked by default... so it leads me to believe its a bug, but maybe I'm wrong? Where do we submit bug reports on this kind of thing?