Hi everyone!

I've got a test installation of BM 3.7 with SP3 - one server and two
workstations. Everything is O.K. when public interface of the Proxy
is connected to the Internet. In a statistics I can see how its cache

is "filling up" with every new internet site. Speed of apearing the
sites in browsers on the stations is quite good.

When I disconnect public interface of the Proxy there are troubles.
I try to get the same sites as before. I think that "answer" from theProxy cache should be quick. Unfortunately - I must wait a few minutes

for "loading" any site on the station or I get error "504" from the

I don't know what does that mean? I thought that the Proxy always
would be quickly answers to requests (of the sites) to which
I connnected before and they are in its cache.

What can I do in this case? Wojtek