I've had this problem since we moved to SLES10/OES2. Users will periodically have a file become locked and they can only save as a new file until I clear their NCP connections. This is very common with MS Word / Excel / etc.

I have done some testing, and I can finally replicate the problem.
1. Open a document in MSWord
2. make some changes, and save
3. unplug your network cable
4. plug in your network cable
5. attempt to save the document.
(6. I believe this may be happening when they switch between wireless/wired as well, which may be why it has become more prevalent in the past year or so)

In WinVista / Office 2007, you will receive the message "'h:\test (2).docx' is currently in use. Try again later."
In WinXP / Office 2007, you will receive the message ""testxp.doc is locked for editing by 'testuser'"

I can use ncpcon on the server to list all connections for the affected user and clear them. At that instant, the file can be saved once again.

I do have "FIRST_WATCHDOG_PACKET 5" set in /etc/opt/novell/ncpserv.conf. It is my understanding that the server will start checking if they are still connected or not after 5 minutes with this in place.

My questions?
-how often does the NCP server check a connection when Watchdog is enabled, and starts after 5 mintues? Is it every 5 minutes or some other time period?
-How can I solve this other than clearing all of the users connections via NCPCON? I am not always available and they want the problem resolved asap.
-Any general advice? This has to be affecting other people, what do you do to work around this?