Hi All

For a volume created for just GroupWise on an OES Linux box, does the
mount point have to be lower case as well as all the other GW files and
I'm setting up a new OES SLES box as a migration destination from a
NetWare box for GroupWise 8 system, but for some reason as I try to
have the volume set as lower case, I keep ending up with both cases
ml1:/media/nss # ls
MAIL mail

the new gateway box worked just fine
ml2:/media/nss # ls

Am I fighting a pointless battle trying to get that point to be all
lower case? I've seen several posts where they have the volume in
upper case. Or is this something I need to push on and need to take it
up in novell.support.open-enterprise-server.linux.storage-and-backup to
nail it in lower case?

Andy Konecny
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