Does anyone know if the Safari browser now included with the Mac OS X
10 is
compatible with BM 3.8 SSL Proxy? The SSL Proxy we have set up works
all other PCs, but I can't get it to work with the Safari and I can't
get an
answer from either Novell or Apple as to whether this is even a
configuration. All I get is a reference to the login page with an
that a secure connection cannot be made. I have a school client who
just given 180 of these IMAC notebooks by the State and I need to get
working through their Bordermanager. I see there are definitely some
with IE and Macs with SSL Proxy. Is there another browser, such as
Netscape, where this might work better.

What about using a third party novell client for Macs (like from
Would that be able to use clntrust authentication instead or is it not
true client32? Thanks!!