Does anyone know why Novell doesn't change the default ports that
Tomcat and
Apache use for their webapps such IManager so that they don't conflict
ports that BorderManager uses? I just installed Netware 6 and BM 3.8
and in
order to ge all the products I needed to work properly I had to change
non-ssl http listening port in Tomcat from 8080 to 8081 (to alleviatebind-48 errors in BM on port 8080 for the http proxy) and I had to
the Bordermanager's SSL port from 443 to 445 (because I needed SSL and
failed on 443 due to Apache) so that it didn't conflict with Apache's
listening port of 443. IManager is the preferred method for managing
exceptions in BorderManager and IManger requires both Tomcat an
This was not well documented and after really digging I did find TIDs
addressed both of these issues and now everything works - but I spent
a good
deal of time wrestling with this unnecessarily. It would seem that
BorderManager 3.8 is going to be optimized for Netware 6 and 6.5 (both
which use Tomcat & Apache for many things) that they would adjust one
or the
other. Just curious!!