We implemented archive.wsdl and are using it with Post Offices 8.0 SP1 HP1 and clients 8.0.1 (all on Windows).

Login/Logout/ReadItem seem to be working as long as no errors occur. Until now we did not find solutions for the following problems:

(1) Status Codes
Every method of the interface returns a status object that consists of code, description, and info. Groupwise seems to ignore all of them. Unrelated error numbers (e.g. "[ea1d]") are shown to the user in this case.
How can we create a user readable error message?

(2) Session Timeout
Groupwise calls Login just before the first ReadItem or ReadArchive request and Logout when the user closes the Groupwise client. In the time between last archive access and Logout the session could be closed by the server (session timeout, server restart, ...).
How can we tell Groupwise that a new Login call is required?