Please, advice me how to achieve monitoring of Messenger Agent via GW Monitor Agent.

GW 8.01/Messenger 2.0.4 Server is at
eDdirectory 8.8.5 Server is at

On GW/Messenger Server
If I start GW monitor Agent as follows it does not discover Messenger agents:
./gwmon --nmhome=ou=MessengerService,o=quadra --nmuser=cn=admin,o=quadra --nmpassword=blabla43 --nmaddress


It looks like even Mess Agent cannot read its configuration directly from eDir. If I run the following command, I get the error:
# ./nmma --home=cn=MessagingAgent,ou=MessSrv,ou=MessengerServ ice,o=quadra --user=cn=admin,o=quadra --password=blabla43 --dirreplicaipaddr=

NMMA: Agent configuration failure [0xAE01]
NMMA: Cause: DDC: Operation not supported

NMMA: Cleaning up...

NMMA: Unloading...

Is there something I am missing in the configuration???