I have a new ZCM 10.3 system thats running on SLES 11 64bit and an external MS SQL 2008 database. I ran through the migration of my 850 +/- apps, images, polices, assocations etc and got those sorted through. Now Im going through and testing the bundles. To say the least, its not going well.

I have one client that Im testing with connected to the ZCM server. Its slow. Distributing bundles is slow, refreshing takes over a minute or more and even then if I increment a bundle, refresh the agent and check the properties of the app after the refresh it usually will not pick up change. Sometimes the zenworks window will be completely void of any applications. Refreshing doesnt help in that case either, nor does logging out or logging back in via the agent. A reboot may cure the problem at the best.

Im testing the first 200 apps - the ones that are district-wide. Theres a lot of them that get 'System.OutOfMemoryException' was thrown error. (screenshot attached). Repackaging some of those to msi doesnt seem to help. Nothing is out of memory. The server has 4GB and the workstation has 2.

I also have a ton of the "The operations specified in "" action could not be completed due an error". Which is an easy enough fix, but a pain in the butt to do and the refreshing problem/slowness makes it worse.

And then theres the Success Return Codes (ie. having to set it to "1" for explorer, etc). Why cant it just work like ZEN 7 and JUST WORK?!

As you can tell, Im frustrated. Im barely through testing 20% of our apps and its been a 1.5 days of researching, testing, retesting, re-retesting and pounding my head on my desk.