after installing our new WS (Win7 64 bits, Novell client 2 IR1, PSQL client 9.5), we detected a slowing down each time we open a file on pervasive. The more we open files, longer it takes.

it goes normally just after logon and the times increase until I logout

I made a little program to "test", it does open and close the same file for 5 seconds, the results are (for example): 65, 45 32 25 18 ...

After some tests, it seems to be related to the Novell client 2 as tests to a server (debian with PSQL 9.5) using only Windows login does not show up de problem.

On XP workstations with client 4.91, everything is fine.

I tested also Psql client 8.7 and v10 and OES2 server with Psqlv10 with no luck

are there some patches, tweaks to correct this ?
is there a bug ?

thanks, Hubert