I have multiple servers, one is a Novell SBS 6.0 sp2 / Border Manager
Sp2 server with Enterprise Web running on it. The other server is a Novell SBS 6.0 Sp2 server running GroupWise Webaccess 6.0 Sp3 on
I am able to get to GroupWise Webaccess from internally by typing in http://192.xxx.xxx.22/servlet/Webacc but externally it is dead.

On my Border manager I have setup Reverse Accell from my public IP
to my internal server by telling it to accell on different ports.
66.xxx.xxx.172:81 to 192.xxx.xxx.22:80. I have also setup filter
exceptions to allow ports that were mention in a filter exception book
Craig Johnson through to and from the internal server.

Any ideas where I have gone wrong?

Just wondering,