Is there a way to view a server's digital certificate from that specific server's desktop? I'm not talking about the various Trusted Root Certification Authorities, Intermediate Certification Authorities, Third-Party Root Certification Authorities, etc. that can be viewed using certmgr.msc or a web browser. I'm talking about the certificate that the server sends to other systems to validate itself and to deliver its public key.

I have a ZENworks 10.3 primary server and a satellite server, it running the authentication role. I would like to view the primary server's certificate from its desktop, and I would like to view the satellite server's certificate from its desktop. This to verify that each indeed has a certificate and to view their respective content.

Is that doable, and, if so, how?

(The primary server is running Microsoft Windows Server Enterprise 2008 Service Pack 2; the satellite server is running Microsoft Windows XP Professional Version 2002 Service Pack 3.)