According to the docs for ZFD7, when you install onto Linux (which OES2 is), you should get prompted for the tree name, and a login credential set.

I've tried on two diff. OES2 servers with both ZFD SP1 IR2 and SP1 IR4 and neither one presents me with that option.

After accepting the license agreement, and choosing option 4 for customize install, and selecting the items, I do not see what should be in step 7 of the docs:

Novell Documentation

"No matter which of the features you select, however, you will always be prompted for configuration information about the ZENworks Desktop Management Server. The first screen to be displayed is the Tree Information screen that is required for configuring the Desktop Management Server."

Instead, the next item I get is to enter the license key, then it asks for Standalone server, etc.

Are the docs wrong, or is there a bug/problem somewhere.

eDir is on the OES2 server and it's in the tree.