I have upgraded my BM6 from 411 to NW6 on a new Hardware last week. I
using http proxy. The Filters setting and rules are the same than on
the old

Some of my users are having trouble to display our own Internet web
site (my
company.com). They can access it through IP. All others users can
access the
site fine. We all don't have any problem getting to our intranet web
too (intra.mycompany.com on a private IP).

I am running both web sites on the same box using virtual host with
for Netware. I know DNS is the issue but I still can find out Why. I
trough the whole 2 books I bought from Caledonia and through Novell
without any luck . I know it is a DNS issue.

How can I fix this? The server is patched to the latest BM6 patch
with all
Graig J. suggestions on tuning and patches. I have applied BM636SP2A.
only patch I haven't applied is BM36c02 (Is it included with BM
I also I have tried couple proxy. NLM combinations. Any Help?