Have started to play aroudn with ZCM a bit more now that it's stable and nice, also using the ENGL toolkit as well

Have notied on win7 the bundle download / caching seems to be awfully slow (office 2007 install), it's only having to download around 350 files totalling around 900 meg, but i'm talking 15 minutes to download the bundle, let alone take it out of cache and install it

Was actually watching network utilisation in task manager during the download of the bundle and I would see utilisation go between 25% of the network and 0%, sometimes with 0% lasting for around 20 seconds

Is this due to the fact there are many files in this bundle (I didn't think 350 was all that much actually)?

If this is a defenite issue with large bundles then what is the easiest workaround for this issue, bypass the content-repo and pull files from a server (which defeats the purpose of the repo anyway), or should we be zipping bundles, downloading the zip file and then installing, even though this adds an unnecessary step to the process?