I have two primary servers and 15 satellites with ~3000 devices. First I had the embeded OEM sybase running on the master primary server, but for best practices, I moved the sybase to another dedicated server to run as external OEM sybase, but I started experiencing 100 % utilization on the server with db, could not even run zcc. Decided to take the sybase back to the primary server to run as embeded OEM sybase, and it worked for a week or so without problems. But now I cannot connect to the master primary server with zcc, not even the login page appears but I can connect through the second primary server without problems.
The error message I can see on zcc.log is "ava.lang.OutOfMemoryError". But I have 8 GB with 2X4 (8) cpu.
Took another server, installed the external oem sybase, again 100 % cpu, but this time I could get a login screen on the master primary server. where else do I try to troubleshoot. All are windows 2003 adv. servers, zen 10.3 running patch management and reporting as well