Hi -

I have been looking at the posts and maybe I missed something but has anyone found or made a current adm template that will work for folder redirection in windows 7? I have been trying the adm template found in the cool solutions and while it works great with the XP SP3 machines and ZDM 7 on ZCM 10.3 and windows 7 the my documents (or documents) folder is not pointing to the path I would like on the server - it still is pointing to the default location on the local hard drive. Also I notice that no network drives are displayed on the win 7 machine either which may or may not have anything to do with this. ZCM version id 10.3 and the win 7 pro machine is running Novell client 2 SP1 for windows IR1 - 32 Bit OS for win 7. DLU is enabled for volatile user and that seems to be working ok so far.