Multiple Netware 6.5 sp7 servers, with CIF's configured to offer windows
shares to computers that do not use Novell Client.

For years now, I've been able to set up XP Pro x64, Vista Business (x86 &
x64) and Windows 7 (x86 & x64) systems so that they log in and map drives
via the "Net Use" command. For instance, if I have a Netware server located
at, it has a share named M_Drive and user BOB has been set up
using iManager so that he has access to said server and folder, I could map
a drive on one of the aforementioned systems by using the following command

Net Use M: \\\M_Drive /u:bob {bob's password}

Running that command would result in the appearance of an M drive on the
workstation with Bob's access rights.

If you were to go to the Netware server that Bob just logged into and go to
the connections screen for the Monitor NLM (or access connections via Remote
Desktop) you would see that user BOB had a connection; however, no
information regarding the IP address that BOB was connected from would be
available. This connection would be the type that isn't preceded by a "*".
eg the connection is listed as "BOB.CONTEXT" as opposed to "*BOB.CONTEXT"

Anyways, starting yesterday, random users on my network are losing the
ability to connect using the aforementioned method. Bob will try to log in
and get an error message. Trying to access \\ from Windows
Explorer returns an error. If I check Connections, I find that there are
multiple "*BOB.CONTEXT" connections, but no "BOB.CONTEXT" one. Clearing the
"*" connections will have no effect in permitting BOB to connect.

If I go to other machines, even ones with the Novell Client, and try and
login as BOB or use the aforementioned drive mapping technique, Iit fails.
If on a machine that won't allow BOB to connect to the Novell server I use
another users' name and password, the connection works.

Thus, the problem is at the Novell server and is particular to a given user.
The "problem" user will change from day to day.

If several hours later I try logging in as my problem user, it works.

1) Anyone encountered a problem like this one?
2) Is there a setting within Netware 6.5 sp7 which controls the length of
time that a disconnected user's connection is kept "live"? If the system
"naturally" eventually releases these problem users, maybe I can do
something to make the release happen earlier.
3) Does performing a DSRepair sound like a good idea?
4) Is the Netware 6.5 sp8 update still available? Wondering if installing
that might resolve the problem.

I look forward to your response.