One of my customers have had a 5.1 server with BM36 running for a
couple of
years without problem. A mounth ago, the server was upgraded to NW6
SP3. From that point, this server has kept us busy...

After clearing the cache and restart of server, it works with expected
for a day or two. But after a while, the download of web pages freezes
won't download all objects. Pressing F5 to refresh, helps most of thetimes...

At first, I was convinced that it had something to do with proxy
config. But
then I tried disable filtering, which made the server behave normal

The server is configured with dynamic NAT on public NIC, 4 traditional

volumes of 8GB each (128 dirs) and the latest proxy.cfg from Craig's
tcp delayed ack = off.

There's a PC on the LAN that's running Citrix client to a host outside
BM server, and the session keeps disconnecting all the time. But if I
and reload FILTSRV.NLM, the Citrix session is stable again for a day
or two

Since the beginning of this problem, we've tried everything...

BM is upgraded to 3.7 with b4sp3, filters have been migrated.

Any ideas?