I'm running BM 3.7 as a proxy server and direct all IE traffic
through this server. I'm running into more and more applications that
becoming browser-based and I have much better luck running these apps

without going through the proxy server. I have numerous issues from
gateway" errors to speed issues. I've tweaked the settings in IE to
around local addresses and inserted the IP addres and server names in
exceptions list which did get rid of the 502 errors but I still have
speed issues. I would love to be able to bypass my proxy server for internal, browser based apps but need to have the security for basic surfing in IE. I use Zenworks and can push these changes out via the

application object but I need to know how to get the object to remove
then add back the appropriate registry settings for a proxy server in
to make this happen. In short, I want the proxy server settings to
disappear when going into an application object and then go back to
original settings when launching IE for web browsing. I also need to
what those registry settings would be since my SnapShot isn't working

properly right now. Any ideas are much appreciated.