I'm busy to test the behavior of ZPM.
I've first tried to put 2 MS critial patches manual to 2 devices.
I've wait 1 day, and after that the status was success.
So that is working. But i see in my properties of my client the "ZPM assigment (date)". Is that not going away if the patches are installed?

I don't like to see there a list of zpm assigments that are not going away!
Is this ZPM assigment there also with patches that are added to baseline?

I want that all devices get's the critial microsoft patches.
So i assigned the available patches to the baseline.
Is that enough. The rest is going automatic?

I thought i onyl have to add newly patches to the baseline again, to stay up to date.

And what's the best practice for the baseline configuration (about auto-restart/prompt message etcetc).

How are you doing this.