Is there anyone who can help me with this (for someone) little licensing problem?

In our company, we using emulated netware server on windows 2000. Due
to very old and not very stable IPX protocol, i decided to migrate to
IP protocol using Novell OES2 running linux.

At home, I have already configured OES2 with all necessary services running on 60-days trial.
OES2 is running eDirectory service with aprox. 30 users, there is file
server running NCP shares and for one user Samba share.

I don't understand Novell licensing program.
How many licenses i need to buy to be ready to host 30 users in
eDirectory and local root+user on OES2 server?
When we buy OES2 from local distributor, it comes with single user
license which cost ~240euro.
Did i have to buy this single user license for 30 users?

May i use server for 30 users with only one license, excluding support
and updates??

I want to replace windows emulation with native Novell NCP server, but
price seems to always wins...

Thanks for any reply