Hey guys, Do any of you patch PC's in remote locations using their local satellite?

We have a central Headoffice (where out Primaries live) and about 50 remote offices that connect to head office via very slow wan links. At the remote sites every PC is running XPSP3. I need to patch every PC, so given our slow links I have copied every ZPM bundle for every patch we need to each sites satellite (I don't have it set so satellites get every patch, because I only need to patch XP).

Our closest server rules are set so that pc's can only get content from their local satellite server, and this works fine with normal bundles.

I've noticed though, that if I have the check box ticked in the closest server rule that says "exclude from closest default server rule" the PC's can't download the ZPM assignment (even if I copy that to the satellites as well). If I uncheck the box, the PC's can patch, but they seem to drag loads of Data from Headoffice, and murder the links.

Has anyone managed to patch remote machines using local satellites? Just wondering if its possible, or if its something wrong with my setup.

All Clients are on 10.2.1. I recently upgraded the primaries to 10.3 (so we could support win 7 machines) but this didn't work when the primaries were on 10.2.1 either.