I'm using Storage Manager to create storage based on Groups. Just had an occasion where all the members of a group were removed. Storage Manager (as expected) renamed the users' folders with the REMOVED prefix and removed their rights. When the same users were put back in the group, I got this error from the Engine:

05/17 10:36:46 4: 228852 E441 write failure for file = <Cathedral Visit.pptx>. errno=12 nwerrno=1
05/17 10:36:46 4: 228852 E440 copy not complete for file = <Cathedral Visit.pptx>.
05/17 10:36:46 2: 228852 CopyFileDataWithNameSpace: Failed to copy file (Cathedral Visit.pptx); Attempting to delete it before retry.
05/17 10:36:46 4: 228852 CopyDir: CopySourceToTarget rc=4

I think the error was received because Storage Manager was attempting to copy the specified file from the -member- folder back to the users' storage, however the file was already in the users' storage. I got around the problem by emptying the -member- folder.

Can someone confirm this for me?

I'm running the engine (version on Netware 6.5 SP8, and the agent (version on OES2 SP2.