we've problem with sending digitally signed message using Windows client
8.0.1 8.1.2010 (we tried both the HP version and the non-HP version). If
the certificate has key usage set to 'digital signature' and not
'digital signature' and 'data encipherment', then we get "You do not
have an encryption certificate for the recipients" message if we try to
send a message. We don't try to encrypt the message, only sign it. For
this no recipient certificate is needed (encryption or whatever), only
sender certificate and 'digital signature' key usage should be enough.
Outlook has no problem using the same certificate for message signing.
If we create certificate with allowed key ussage for both signing and
enceryption, everything works fine.

I don't see any reason this shouldn't work. Is this a bug in GroupWise
client, or maybe there is some setting in the client or elsewhere we
missed ?

Thank you,
Petr Kures