Running GW 8.0.1 HP and have a very odd issue going on with a user using an Android phone. It is setup to use our gwia for IMAP and secure SMTP for outbound messages.

When sending messages from the phone it created a folder called Sent in the users GroupWise mailbox and then up to 1000 - 2000 copies of the same message will appear. Them message appears to be the same and they all have the same message id. It does not appear that the recipient is getting all of these duplicate emails and looking at the status they show a pending status. The user just reported this and it appears it has been going on since Dec./January of this year so I have about 200,000 emails to help her clean up out of her archive (she archives everything after 30 days).

I have tried running gwcheck with DelDupFolders just in case that was an issue, but came back with no errors.

Not sure where to go next with this....other than telling the user not to send any messages from the phone until we get this figured out.