I've tried adding the old .adm template that we used to use for WinXP, but when I click add/remove templates I don't see any existing templates in the list to begin with.

Once I click Add and add the HKCUUserShellFolders.adm template, I still see nothing in the list of templates.

However, if I adjust the gpedit settings locally on a Win7 device, I see an extra folder under 'User Configuration' labeled "Classic Administrative Templates (ADM)" and within this context exists the old Folder Shell Redirection we used in WinXP. There are also about 6 other templates that will appear, but again, only when looking at the local device policy.

How can I get these redirection options to appear when creating a new policy with the ZCM? Has anyone had luck with Windows 7 folder redirection and Zen 10.2.2?