I have about two dozen users at remote locations that operate exclusively in
Caching mode. Notify has always worked fine for all of them, until now. I
have it set to start when GroupWise is started.

One of my users recently wed and changed her last name. I performed all of
the usual steps for a name change, and all seemed fine until Notify tried to
start. If we switch her back to Online mode, Notify starts with no problem.
When we change to Caching mode, Notify refuses to start saying that the
credentials are wrong. I assume it is trying to use her old username. It
does not allow me to change them. There must be someplace in the caching
data where the username and password are stored and this is what is being
used to start Notify.

Any ideas on how to address this?

I assume that deleting her cache and starting over will probably work and
for her that is an option since she keeps her mailbox empty most of the
time, but I'm hoping there is another solution.

Thanks in advance