I'm wanting to use Groupwise's AutoUpdate feature. Everything works as it should...except....

We have a group policy in place that prevents running SETUP.EXE. I see in the SETUP.INI, I have a setting:

I assumed I could simply change SETUP.EXE to GWSetup.exe, and change the SETUP.EXE in the SDD to GWSETUP.EXE and I'd be all set. However, the client still tries to launch SETUP.EXE, and if the policy is in place, it will fail.

I can successfully run GWSetup.exe manually, and the client install/upgrade will complete as expected.

So, is my assumption that I can change the SETUP.EXE name to get around the policy restriction within the .INI valid? And if so, what is it that I'm missing that it's not working?