My goal is to co-habitat an AD Domain (and file server) and e-Dir OES2 Linux server. I thought it would be easiest to cifs mount a MS share. In the lab this worked beautifully (of course I only tested txt files). When I put into production MS Word and Excel were not able to save successfully.
I get the error "There has been a permission error. The network connection may have been lost" (File path\ file name)

I have mostly Windows XP desktops with Novell client 4.91.4 accessing an NSS volume on a OES2 Linux Server.

I do not get an error with notepad editing a txt file or an RTF
I do not get an error with OOo 3 editing a rtf or odt file.
I DO get the error with MS word editing a .rtf, .doc. and .docx.
I DO get error using MS Excel also. It seems to be exclusive to MS programs.

I mount the CIFS Share with an fstab line:
\\server/data /media/nss/DATAVOL/Data-CIFS cifs credentials=/root/smbcreds,noexec,user,rw,nounix 0 0

any thoughts and suggestions would be appreciated.