So, we're trying out the new Novell DataSynchronizer beta (1.0 build r0) and it seems pretty cool. However, we're having issues with performance.

For example, many times when you log into the website as a user and then click on the GroupWise connector, it'll just sit there churning for a minute or so and then give the error:

There was an error while trying to retrieve user's configurable settings. Please check that the connector is started and running. If it appears that this is not the cause error, please contact your system administrator for further analysis.

When trying to sync to my phone (a Samsung Blackjack) it takes forever, and the connection times out before it's able to complete a sync of my email.

However, the logs don't show anything useful (are on the debug level.)

When trying to administer the server via the web interface (whether remotely or from the gui on the server itself,) it's very sluggish and times out often with a "URLError - connection refused" message, suggesting that I should make sure that the configengine service is started (it is) or to restart the webadmin service (usually doesn't help to restart that one service or all four services, but sometimes restarting the webadmin service makes it work for a little while.) When this error message comes up, all I can do to make it start working again is restart the server.

I've watched the stats for the server, and CPU usage stays low, disk IO is fine, disk space and free memory are good. Right now only one user (me) is using the service.

The firewall service on the server is disabled as well.

Any ideas? I'm running this on SLES 11 x64 with all current patches, running as a guest VMWare VM. I tried blowing away the VM and rebuilding it from scratch, and the new build does the same thing.