Dear Sir/Madam,

We have decided to resize volume of proxy server by using ServerMagic
allocate the free space to the DOS (DOS partition is only 80 MB), due
restriction on the size of DOS partition, prior to upgrade server to Netware 6 and then installing Border Manger ver 3.8. However,
unfortunately server freezes on Re-sizing SYS volume and then SYS
would not mount. I have reinstalled everything from tape and also
NDS from server and re-installed again.This seems to fix the SYS
problem. Although, the NetWare server ver 5 seems to be working OK,
however, when I do load BRDSRV I get error unable to read
from NDS. When I try to read details of server Border Manger
from NDS, Border Manger server come up with error saying "Border
Manger is
not install or not available on the server"

Could anyone please help, I have run Dstrace for Schema and even I
the server(R/W) to Root of the tree. Still not working.
I'll appreciate for any thoughts.