Howdy, y'all,

Not sure if this is a Novell Client (WinXPProSP3, 4.83SP3, all patches) problem, or a NW 5 SP6A (patched) problem, but I'll start here.

A Paradox 4.x (i.e., DOS) database app seems to lose connections to a single NW server after connectivity for several hours. For no apparent reason, the mapped NW volumes are dropped, and it's not obvious why.

I've searched these forums and made changes like increasing record and file lock parameters. Also disabled Client file caching on both Client and server. Also saw a note about disabling power management of NIC, so did that too.

No improvement. There's nothing in the System or Application Event logs, other than a DCOM fault message about losing a network volume, which is merely the symptom, not the cause.

This is a departmental app that's been around for a decade and won't go away any time soon, but those who configured the PCs and server are long gone. The boss says that no upgrades like the latest Novell Client will be applied, and a Windows server will be procured if this can't be fixed. Nobody seems to like Novell around here.

Any ideas? This app has worked quite well for some years and the users like it. But they're not very tolerant of IT infrastructure problems that leave them worse off.

Thanks kindly.

SoCal, USA.