We are running

NW3p3 with NW6NSS3C
We are runing BM 3.7
We just upgraded to edirectory 8.71, and S on this server.

When using IE and we go to web sites. What we type in is not what we


www.nai.com > www.symantec.com comes up
www.symantec.com > CBC.ca sometimes
other times the symantec page comes up with half the page
missing or images & fonts missing ...

unloading and clearing the cache helps for a bit, but then... on the
server (unload proxy, load proxy -cc)
Also getting rid of local cache on the PC in IE helps as well...
we've also stoped and started brd as well. We haven't yet restarted
the server though.
I guess we should consider that.

if you hold the <ctrl><reload> in the browser the correct page then

Everything has been fine for years. Never seen a problem like this.
We are waiting to get 3.8 and put it up on a new 6.5 serer.

thanks for any help, Joe