I am having some login problem in the agent,
I have installed ZCM 10 on SLES 10, configured eDirectory as user source ...

Installed Novell Client & ZCM Agent on WinXP machine...
Also having same username on XP machine as created in eDirectory with same login information... Novell Client is login properly...

But when I login to XP machine the ZCM agent give me following error on login.. and gets fail...

"Error Message"
Unable to log into the network because the login credentials or the server certificate is incorrect.

Unable to log into the network because the Cached login information is not available.

Unable to log into the ZENworks realm because the system has disconnected from the network and the specified credentials did not match with the credentials cached on the system.
- You must specify the credentials used to previously log into the ZENworks realm from this system
- If your credentials have changed since the last login, you must reconnect the system to the network to be able to log into the ZENworks realm.
Note: Repeated unsuccessful attempst might clear the cache and prevent you from logging into the ZENworks realm.